Upcycling futurities for beginners tips

upcycling chair

How to upcycle a wooden dining chair

Upcycling has become a new hobby for Martin and Shannon since lockdown began. As a quick and cheap start, we decided to experiment by upcycling our existing furniture for our home.
So we start a new chapter beginning our upcycling journey.

A set of six G PLAN fresco solid teak dining chairs had been sitting in our house for over a year.
Martin and I love these stylish G Plan dining chairs, but dated mucky green velvet chair cushions were overdue for replacement. At the same time, using paint left over from our home decoration, we decided add some colour by painting a couple of chairs too.
Before starting our upcycling project, we planned ahead, making sure we had all the tools and equipment needed to do the job. Then we chose fabric and colours to match the dining chairs and the dining room.

We want to bring some spring freshness into our home so we went looking for botanical print fabric. We spent a lot of time to search for the ideal fabric. Luckily, we got the Sherborne Fabric from the Just Fabrics. The Fabric with its abstract floral pattern design and lovely green colour is so gorgeous.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started

What tools you’ll need: slotted screwdriver, pliers, hammer, pencil, scissors, staple gun.

Step 1: Give the chair a wipe down
Step 2: Remove the seat

in our case this meant turning the chair upside down and unscrewing the seat from the frame.

Step 3: Remove the old fabric

Use slotted screwdriver, pliers and hammer to remove those old staples. One chair had over 100 staples so this may take some time – and a lot of patience.

Step 4: Use the old material as a pattern and cut the new seat cover
Then set the old seat cover on top of the fabric. Using pencil to mark your ideal size.
Remember to cut slightly large to allow for mistakes.

Step 5: Cover the seat cushion
Starting with the top and centre edge, use staple gun to staple it. Tighten the fabric while you staple on the fabric and keep the seat well supported. Once you have done all four sides, move towards the corners, keeping the cloth tight. Use as many staples as you need – but maybe not 100.

Then just fit the seat back in the chair.

Note, if you are intending to sell any reupholstered furniture, you will need to be aware of relevant regulations about fireproofing.

Yippee , it’s amazing. Reupholstering the dining chair requires little time and a few tools.

We quick realized that upcycling is extremely beneficial for the environment. We reduce the amount of waste to landfill and don’t use any new resources to make new furniture.
This is a fun way to give our dining chair a new lease of life.

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