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How two ordinary people are trying to create a low impact, enjoyable life in Scotland

Wee Blue Dream holiday let PItlochry


Wee Blue Dream self catering log cabin  is our first step towards creating our  green business dream- self-building a cosy,  energy -efficient, eco-friendly tiny log cabin .

One island sits in the north east Atlantic and the other in the semi tropical Pacific. One country grows potatoes while the other grows pineapples.

But when we came together, we discovered so much in common. We love walking, music, cooking (and eating), art and design and we both care deeply about the future of our planet. And we were both looking for adventure.

Two Islands Meet to discover how we have built a life together and tried to use our different backgrounds, skills and experience to reduce our environmental footprint.

Since 2017, we have been using our experience in house renovation, self-building, energy efficiency and horticultural to develop our own home project – restoring, upcycling and DIYing our lovely little 1950s arts and crafts inspired house and garden . Our can-do attitude has turned a tired house into a living green dream – a characterful and energy efficient house. But still a work in progress.

We have not forgotten about having fun and enjoying the wonderful environment in Scotland – dog walking, hillwalking, cycling and canoeing.

At the same time , we combined our knowledge, strategies and skills to build a successful eco-friendly and sustainabile community project – The HEAT Project – providing an energy advice service to improve household energy efficiency, including insulation, alternative heating systems and many other ways to help to save household energy and reduce energy bills.

Meet Your Hosts

We want to welcome you to the Wee Blue Dream eco friendly log cabin- tiny but dreamy.  While you are our guests, we would love to show you how we are working to reduce our environmental impact in day to day life, create a comfortable, practical and charming and enjoy all that the natural world has to offer.

And our third partner, Lucy, would love to meet you too, especially if you bring her doggy friends to meet.


A Scot, with over 30 years experience working on environmental issues and trying to help the natural world. He has worked with RSPB and WWF, on topics ranging from woodlands to climate change. This led him to work with one of the major developers of renewable energy in the world. Along the way, he has developed his interest and love for all things natural. He can spot an eagle at 3 miles and knows the difference between an LED and an LCD.


A native of Taiwan, Shannon left a very successful marketing career in Taiwan to chase her dream of studying in Scotland and has stayed ever since. A naturally creative person, she is also passionate about house restoration, all things eco-friendly and the wider sustainability sector. When time allows, she can be found walking, camping, cycling or canoeing in the wilds of Scotland - or the field next door.


A clever, calm, big soft girl – with half Akita and half collie – with gorgeous, fluffy brown white hair. She loves other dogs and (too many) biscuits. In fact, her main hobby is training local delivery people to bribe her with biscuits.
Two Islands Meet team
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